Cat Fear With Cucumber?

cat fear with cucumbar

Cat Fear Cucumber, Myth or Fact? Cats and vegetables? Maybe all cat lovers know that this is not the right combination because it will not be possible to unite like water and oil.

Cats are carnivorous animals that will certainly never eat the vegetables around them. But apparently not only instincts are not fond of vegetables, but cats are also very afraid of one type of vegetables that are whitish-green, shaped looking, and are often used as complementary vegetables or vegetables in our daily dishes.

Yes, that’s right, vegetables are cucumbers. It turns out that these carnivorous animals are afraid of cucumbers. Maybe some of us have seen short videos circulating on social media or Youtube where this short video shows a cat keeper who scares his cat with a cucumber.

The owner also uploaded the video on his social media. If you’ve seen the video, you will know what happens in the video. From the video, it is known that cats fear cucumbers. The video went viral on YouTube and social media. Videos of cats that are afraid of cucumbers make people wonder why can cats be afraid of cucumbers? This article will discuss the relationship between cats and cucumbers.

Maybe those of you who have cats are curious why cats are afraid of cucumbers lying on the floor. Of course, you are curious whether a cat has certain allergies that can cause him to fear cucumbers or there may be other causes.

The initial allegation for cat lovers is because cats are carnivorous animals, so naturally, they don’t like cucumbers. Vegetables are not the staple food of carnivorous animals like cats. The next guess why cats fear cucumbers is because cats are allergic to cucumbers. It is possible that the cat has experienced trauma due to cucumber or pain when eating cucumber.

But all that is still a common people’s allegation. The following is an explanation from an animal expert.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers? The vet answered!
Some sources obtained from several animal experts, it turns out there are many opinions about why cats fear cucumber. Jill Goodman who is a behaviorist expert said why cucumber link cats occur because the meow feels surprised and reflexes of stress on pets.

Jill said that the actions of the cat owner who surprised the cat using cucumber were not good for future cat behavior.

John Bradshaw also agreed with Jill Goodman’s opinion.
He, who is a behaviorist expert from the University of Bristol, thinks that the relationship between cats and cucumbers that cause cats to fear is a natural response that will be done by cats when there are objects that make him shocked.

Bradshaw believes that cats find it strange to see cucumbers who just stay on the floor. The green cucumber might be considered a snake that is dangerous for cats. So that’s the reason why cats are afraid of cucumbers. IFL Science finally gave an opinion on what made cats fear cucumbers. Actually, the cat’s response is not a sign that the cat is afraid of cucumbers.

Actually, cats feel shocked and strange about something that suddenly surrounds them and even like they are settling on the floor as well. The incident did not only occur in cucumbers but anything that is strange and sudden for the cat.

A specialist doctor, Dr. Roger Mugford, also said that the cat’s reaction could occur because the cat did not expect that there was a cucumber in the latter because the cat was very focused on what was in front of him.

Then how do you get rid of the fear of cats getting cucumber?

As a cat lover, of course, we don’t want the spontaneous reaction of our cat to adversely affect it. Maybe in the viral video, the one who is afraid of cucumbers looks really cute. But unfortunately, it can be bad for the meow. Your cat will be more scared if the stimulus often occurs repeatedly if too often the fear will be recorded in the cat’s memory forever.

The conclusion is, if we bring something new into the house then it will potentially be the best mental testing tool for your cat. But you also have to remember that the best way to introduce new things to cats is not to make them afraid of new things. Also, read facts and myths about the three-striped Cat Flower Even though a frightened cat’s behavior makes you laugh, but it will result in itching as well as other dangerous things like broken items or plates that fall and hurt your cat-like.

This incident can make the cat become stressed and traumatized. This is what will happen for a long time because the cat has a pretty good memory. If you want to introduce a new object to the cat, choose something or something positive for your cat.

Of course, you now know why cats fear cucumbers. That’s why don’t joke with your cat too often because your cat will be traumatized by something. You can give something to know that is educational or teach something positive so that it won’t hurt and traumatize your cat. Thus the article about cats afraid of cucumbers. It may be useful!

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