Cat Hair Loss


How to deal with cat hair loss? The fur is an important part of animals, especially cats. Fur has a variety of functions, such as beautifying the cat and can warm its body.

Examples such as Persian cat fur, long and thick fur make it more beautiful and funny if you look at it for a long time.

But what if the hair of the Persian cat falls out? Gosh, we have to know how to deal with cat hair loss.

Cat hair falling out, would be very annoying for them and us. Cat hair can fall out and be scattered on clothes or the floor, then hair bald cat might!

It’s just normal, it’s just annoying. For cats that are 4-5 months old experience it, because at that time there was a change of fur.

But if the loss is severe, don’t be taken lightly, try reading the danger of cat fur for humans.

So that we know how to deal with cat hair loss, Catequesis has information about the causes of cat hair loss and how to treat hair loss in cats.

Causes of Cat Hair Loss

Why does cat hair fall out? There are several causes or reasons for your cat’s hair loss, including the following:

1. Indeed the time

It has been mentioned before that at certain times the cat will experience hair loss, this is normal. Usually once a year the cat will experience a lot of hair loss but will quickly change to new fur.

Female cats that are lust or pregnant are also susceptible to hair loss.

2. Malnutrition

Normally this one is just ignorant, but this can cause the cat to fall out. The cause of hair loss in cats one of them lacking vitamins A, E, Protein where these nutrients are needed in the formation of cat hair.

3. Excessive vitamins

It was a deficiency, this one if it’s excess. Yes, vitamins are important for the health of cats. But if the excess or overdose, he could doping. Means hair loss can occur, dry skin, peeling and crusting.

So try to give just enough.

4. Wrong choice of bath products

If this one you have to be careful. Usually, the bathing products that we often use for cats are shampoo. If we bathe the cat with shampoo that does not fit, the cat’s fur will fall out.

Then do not choose a cat shampoo product that has a lot of foam, often found in high detergent levels.

We might irritate our cat’s skin and add fur to fall out. Anggun C Sasmi, if it’s already suitable, don’t want to change the others, so choose the right shampoo.

5. Allergies

Allergy is one of the causes of cat hair loss, although it is not the main cause there are serious triggers such as from drugs, the wrong vaccine, parasites and even from cat food. If you already like this directly taken to the nearest veterinarian.


6. Temperature

Almost the same as number 1, it’s time and it’s only natural. The main function of cat hair is as a regulator of body temperature.

In the winter the dense fur will warm the body, then during the hot season, the fur will fall out so that it doesn’t get too hot.

7. Lice and Fleas

Ectoparasites this one likes to settle in fur and skin. They take the body’s nutrients in the cat through the skin, the nutrients taken automatically will fall out.

These nutrients are used to maintain the health of the cat’s fur but instead are absorbed by the parasite.

8. Mites

The mites that cause cat fall are the Demodex and scabies. Almost the same as Fleas and Pijal, but this mite can make small tunnels that can be seen as holes in a cat’s skin.

Usually, when it’s already like this the skin can become infected and the fur can fall out.

9. Mushrooms

Long cat hair will be prone to fungus if the conditions are humid. As a result, the hair will fall out.

10. Treatment

Usually, after a cat gets a certain treatment the hair will fall out.

11. Stress

Maybe most often because of this. Cats if already stressed, blood vessels that function to send nutrition throughout the body can be jammed so that the cat is not excited and the feathers will fall out.

How to Overcome Cat Hair Loss

If you already know why cat hair falls out, now all you have to do is learn how to deal with cat hair loss.

1. Leave and care as usual

“Why is it like that?” For several causes such as it’s already in the season when the cat is pregnant or lust, after treatment should be treated as usual. Don’t take it lightheaded.

2. Give a toy and make him comfortable

If your cat is stressed, give a special cat toy. If your cat is happy, the hair will not fall off, it certainly can make you not stressed. Hehe.

3. Change the suitable product

Whether it’s food products, products for bathing or cat products that are directly related to the body.

If it is not suitable, just replace it immediately, but in consultation ask the experts.

4. Bathing the cat

With treatments such as bathing a cat regularly, it can overcome cat hair loss. Bathing powerful cats to eradicate parasites, mites, fungi, bacteria that can affect the health of cat hair.

5. Give vitamins

Remember, give vitamins within reasonable limits. Just to meet the nutritional needs and maintain health.

6. Combing Cat Hair

Comb the cat’s fur many benefits you know like:

To launch the cat’s metabolism which will have a good impact on the skin, such as massage

Can get rid of fleas and mites if you use a special comb

Your emotional relationship with the cat can be even closer

Of the various benefits, it is certainly able to overcome hair loss in cats and prevent falls back.

7. Remedy for cat hair loss

You can give him a special cat hair loss medication that can usually be obtained at the Pet Shop. Use just enough

To overcome the falling cat fur you must understand the cause. Once you know, you can handle it. But if you are still hesitant to deal with cat hair loss, you should just take the cat to the doctor for better. Hopefully, you can practice how to deal with cat hair loss

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