Cat Hair Vitamins


The fur on cats is a special attraction for those who see it. Cats that have thick, healthy fur look adorable and are loved by many people.

Eating fur is also an important part of a cat that does not escape the attention of its owner. Cat owners need to take care of their pet’s cat fur to be always healthy and not fall out.

You need to do a separate treatment to be able to treat cat fur. In treatment, cat fur needs vitamins to help keep cat hair healthy.

This does require special attention, but you will like it if your pet cat has thick and healthy fur.

Benefits of Cat Hair Vitamins

There are many benefits that you can feel if you use cat fur vitamins to treat your pet’s cat fur, namely:

  • Prevents cat hair from falling out and bald.
  • Stimulates hair growth in cats.
  • Make the cat’s fur more shiny or glowing.
  • Maintain the health of the cat’s body.
  • Softens cat fur.

Types of Cat Fur Vitamins

Actually, there are many types of cat fur vitamins sold on the market, you can also find it easily.

However, you should be careful before buying cat fur vitamins. You should always be selective and use your cat’s fur in accordance with recommendations suggested on the product or by a veterinarian.

Some brands of cat fur vitamins, namely:

1. Ketwol Drops

Vitamin Ketwol Drops are vitamins that are used to help growth in cat fur and this vitamin has been well-known among cat lovers.

This cat’s feather remedy is one of the favorite medicines to prevent your pet from experiencing damage to the hair and loss.

Ketwol Drops are safe to use for both adult cats and kittens.

This drug contains vitamins B1, B2, E, Panthothenate, and Nicotinamide.

2. Nutricat By Japan

Vitamin Nutricat is also quite popular among cat owners because this vitamin has benefits that can be seen and felt immediately.

This nutricat is a drug that stimulates hair growth in cats and is formulated by Otsuda Japan.

If your pet cat is given this drug, it can overcome the problem of hair loss and help the growth of fur to the maximum.

This drug is very suitable to be used to stimulate hair growth, prevent cat hair loss, and make cat hair shinier.

You can try this medicine on your pet cat as a form of prevention and treatment for cat fur problems.

3. Fish Oil

This fish oil has many benefits for cats, not just as a treatment for cat hair.

Fish oil can be used to treat a cat’s fur to keep it dense, besides that some health problems experienced by cats can also be overcome by fish oil, for example:

  • Cat fever
  • Add immunity to cats
  • Prevent cat diarrhea
  • And there are many other benefits that can be obtained with fish oil.

4. Well, drugs to stimulate hair growth

Well, this hair growth drug in cats works very effectively in overcoming various problems with cat hair and preventing hair loss caused by many things.

Vitamin Well is safe if eaten by your pet cat. Before using this vitamin, make sure to shake the package before it’s ready to use.

The trick is to spray vitamins directly into the entire body of the cat, especially the parts that experience hair loss and baldness, making sure not to spray the animal skin. You can spray vitamins twice a day.

You can continue to use this vitamin until the bald cat’s fur parts grow back.

Although it is safe if eaten by cats, you should give this vitamin after 1 hour of feeding and drink enough to avoid excessive licking by cats.

5. Virbac Megaderm

One of the vitamins that have good quality for your cat’s fur treatment is Virbac Megaderm.

This vitamin can be used to treat cat skin problems that experience hair loss, fungus on the fur, and other problems. Virbac Megaderm can also make your cat’s fur thick, shiny, and avoid falling out.

This vitamin contains omega 3 and 6 which have anti-inflammatory functions for sensitive skin and improve skin tissue of cats.

You can already see it in 2 weeks after usage. Besides being used for cats, Virbac Megaderm can also be given to dogs to maintain healthy fur.

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