Cats Don’t Want to Eat


Cats don’t want to eat to be a problem for cat owners. The cause of the cat does not want to eat a little hard to know.

Maybe if humans will more easily know the cause of why they don’t want to eat it. Now if their cats can not speak the human language is not it?

Cats are different from other animals, you can be more susceptible to disease if you do not eat just one day.


Generally in animals that do not eat, the energy produced for the body’s physiological processes remains available from burning fat stored in the animal’s body tissues.

But for cats, it is very inefficient

According to reliable sources that we got, during the fat burning process in cats, there was a change in metabolism that caused damage to the liver tissue which could be called Hepatic Lipidosis.

So if your cat does not eat, his liver can be damaged like liver function in humans and eventually the cat can die. Ouch, don’t let it happen!

Cause Cats Don’t Want to Eat

Here are the causes of your cat not wanting to eat what it may be experiencing:

You have to pay attention so that your cat wants to eat and be healthy. Of course, it will make us feel happy too as a responsible owner.

1. Food

We see the first of the food we provide. Do you give only the same food? If so, surely they can feel bored.

We as humans certainly feel bored when we are served the same food every day. And do not forget to try hygienic, so that the cat is not poisoned

2. Appetite

Does your cat look happy to eat, look at it? If you have done many things but have not succeeded, maybe he is lacking vitamins.

3. Mouth disease

Try to check the cat, if there are sores in the mouth or a less pleasant odor than usual.

4. Problems of the digestive system

Earlier it was discussed at the beginning of the article that the metabolism of the body in cats was not good, unlike other animals.

Usually, this problem is caused by a foreign body in a cat’s body, inflammation, parasites or so on.

5. Bored

Bored is the reason for some people to be lazy to eat, as well as cats. This case occurs for many breeds of cats, especially Persian cats and cats usually tend to prefer to sleep than usual.

6. Pain

Cats can also get sick, if cats are sick, they usually don’t want to eat and vomit or become weak.

7. Stress

Already bored, stressed. Geez, how pitiful is the cat? Try to pay more attention to things that make your cat stress. Generally, there are 2 factors, the environment, and pressure.

For the environment, have you just adopted the cat? If that’s the case, it means that the cat hasn’t adapted to an unfamiliar environment.

8. Lust

Then is your cat in the last phase? Cats who are in a period of lust or want to marry are usually prone to stress and decreased appetite, especially if he doesn’t have a mate, his mood will be chaotic and he can be stressed.

How to overcome the cat does not want to eat?

1. Give food variations

By providing a variety of food variants that can make your cat not bored with the food served, perfect for the cat who is bored with the same food.

For example, if I’m personal, I used to use seafood flavored. Uh, after a long time like my bored cat, I change to tuna. Or if you want more variety, you can try mixing the taste of the food.

2. Fishing appetite

How to?

It’s easy, by slipping food near his nose or by rubbing cat meat or wet food in his mouth or nose.

The smell of delicious cat food is expected to provoke a cat’s appetite.

3. Feed your cat

If your cat is sick or weak, try feeding your cat to keep getting enough food.

You can use a small spoon, hand or syringe (injection without needles) and of course, the food given is classified as canned wet food.

But if you only have dry food, I suggest to crush it with warm water. Oh yes, be careful when using syringes!

You have to treat the cat won’t eat and sleep gently, hold the cat’s head and then put a liquid food injection from the side of the cat’s mouth and press the injection slowly, so that the cat can devour the food.

Don’t spray it, then the cat will choke

4. Treat mouth disease

If your cat has mouth disease, you can use human medicine to treat it.

5. Give vitamins

Give vitamins that contain B complex and lysine (amino acid lysine) which can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy such as Biolysin, Lysmin or Becombion and usual measures for children.

This vitamin is not only useful for increasing appetite in cats who don’t want to eat and is weak, but it is also effective in preventing herpes virus or cat flu.

However, before giving vitamins to cats. Try to feed him a little or provide food nearby. This is to prevent irritation in the cat’s stomach and so that the cat does not vomit.

6. Invite him to play

Maybe your cat rarely play or do activities, try from the beginning you adopt or maintain it he has been accustomed to playing so he is active and not easily bored, of course, this will affect the appetite.

It’s easiest, in my opinion, with a rope, just throw it to the cat and keep him going to catch the rope hehe.

7. Give a comfortable place

For the cat you just adopted, of course, he will experience a depressed phase due to an unfamiliar environment. Try to make the environment where you live and the cat certainly as comfortable as possible.

If you can, keep away from bad cats that might even interfere with it to adapt. If it feels good, feed it regularly.

For example, if I provide a kind of place so that the cat can hide or corner.

8. Tube Feeding

As the name implies, tube feeding is feeding by putting food into the stomach directly through the tube. This method is only for emergencies if you have tried various attempts.

And if possible always consult a doctor or an expert in cat health.

9. Take it to the doctor

Be a loving cat owner, if your cat is sick, has stomach problems or problems that you don’t know about and the cat still doesn’t want to eat either.

Immediately visit a veterinarian, do not be rash handling cats who fear it even adds to their problems.

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