Cats have difficulty sleeping


A cat that sleeps for a long time often worries its owner, but a cat that has insomnia will also make the owner confused, why does the cat behave that way.

Cats that are difficult to sleep at night will make the owner feel disturbed, maybe with a behavior that does not want to silence or voice.

As a cat owner, you need to know all the habits of your pet cat.

Get to know all the signs that are in the cat, do not pay attention to the cat, maybe at that time your pet cat is in good condition.

Cause of Sleepless Cats Many things that make it difficult for cats to sleep, but it turns out it might be because this cat’s owner is less attentive to his pet.

So it doesn’t know the cause of the cat’s insomnia, and here are some causes of insomnia.

1. Cats feel hungry

Cats that feel hungry will find it hard to sleep and try to wake their owners at night.

Sometimes the cat owner does not know that a cat that roars at night is only because the cat feels hungry so that it will ultimately be difficult to sleep.

A cat with a full stomach will be easier to sleep than a hungry cat.

2. Cats get bored during the day

During the day the cat will sleep and play, but sometimes the pet cat is left alone by its owner, so the cat will feel bored because they want to play.

At night, when the cat owner returns, the cat will invite the owner to play.

However, usually, cat owners feel tired to play with cats at night, this is what makes cats difficult to sleep at night.

The cat wants to play with its owner and feels cared for so that at night the cat will play instead of sleeping.

3. Cats rarely move

Some cats are rarely invited to play, so the cat will be lazy and not have much activity that allows the cat to move actively.

Active cats will sleep soundly at night until the next day.

Cats that do not have activity will not feel tired, so at night there is a possibility that the cat does not sleep at the proper time.

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