Characteristics of Fever Cats


What are the characteristics of cat fever? Cat fever is a common problem experienced by these cute pets. Many people ask if a cat has a fever such as yellow fever, vomiting, etc. When the cat has a fever, can I take a shower or not?

Characteristics of Fever Cats Must Watch Out

Hot Cat Body

Because a cat’s body fever must feel hot, the characteristics of a cat affected by fever this one is indeed not far from a fever that is ravaged by humans. When we hold a cat and the cat’s body feels hot, it means our cat has a fever.

Decreased appetite

One of these symptoms is that there are several factors that cause it. Keep in mind that fever is also one of the causes of cats not wanting to eat.

If a cat has a fever, it usually wants to be given food, even if it is a favorite food, it will not be eaten because the cat’s body condition is running a fever.


The digestive system in cats is usually supplemented with daily cat food provided by the cat’s owner.

But if the cat owner changes the cat’s food, it is usually difficult for the cat to adapt to new foods, so the cat can diarrhea, constipation, and even fever.

If it is better, take the nearest veterinarian immediately.

Always sleeping

Characteristics of cats sick with fever, one of these are one of the behavioral changes that can be seen easily, how our cats who usually run around (hyperactive) instantly become love to sleep continuously.

Characteristics of this fever cat can also be a sign of a cat affected by fever.

Cat Hair begins to fall

The cause of hair loss is not due to hormones or the environment that is being lusted, food that is not suitable and the temperature of the room around the cat is too hot.

Usually, the cat’s fur falls out due to lack of vitamins so the cat may get a fever because the cat’s body becomes vulnerable. So make it a habit to routinely give vitamins to our cats.

Cat’s mouth smells unpleasant

When a cat is ill (fever) it also causes bad breath in the cat’s mouth due to deep solid and when it does it usually the cat just wants to drink.

Because the mouth of the cat is dry, it makes the breath smell.

Vomiting cat

When a cat likes to vomit, this means our cat is suffering from heat illness, because basically humans have a fever usually also likes to vomit because of an unstable stomach condition, as well as animals, especially our individual cats.

Cats often feel thirsty

When a cat is sick with fever or fever it tends to be more likely to ask for a drink, because the cat’s throat is very easy to dry and causes the cat to become dehydrated.

Cat lost weight

When a cat has a fever, the cat will like to sleep continuously, decreased appetite and decreased body condition of the cat which causes the weight to go down even maybe down dramatically.

A cat’s nose has a career

Cat’s nose runny like humans when experiencing colds, one of our noses is clogged or flu. Likewise, normal cats are normal healthy cats, their nose is red and warm, not runny.

Changes in body shape

One example of body shape changes in cats such as swelling in certain parts or visible injuries.

If the change in shape outside the body of the cat may have been seen but if inside we have to open his mouth and smell it.

If it smells bad or not normal then the cat may be affected by certain diseases, can be digestion, fever and so on.

If you experience problems like that it would be nice to be taken directly to the nearest veterinarian.

Cat ears feel hot

When a cat has a fever, the ears will feel hot as well as the forehead/forehead of humans when exposed to a fever. But don’t worry if your cat’s ears feel hot without any other cat disease symptoms.

Cats are naturally able to raise their own body temperature if they feel cold, for example, when they have been bathed.

But if your cat’s ears feel hot accompanied by other cat disease symptoms such as lethargy, laziness to move, then it is better taken to the nearest vet.

ENT cat discharge

The characteristics of this fevered cat are indeed a bit dangerous, why? Usually when a cat has a fever, in the nose the cat likes to get out excessive dirt, watery parts of the cat’s eyes.

A lot of earwax ear so as to cause an odor that is susceptible to diseases, especially fever or heat in the cat.

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