How to Feed a Cat


Food is a basic necessity for cats and needs to be considered, especially if you maintain a cat.

The nutritional content of food provided can affect health, to its activity. The right food you provide can reduce the risk of congenital and new diseases. Then, what exactly is the right way to feed cats? From choosing to managing your cat’s eating time?

Let’s consider the following discussion!


Choose cat food

Not all types of cats like and have the same food tastes.

However, make sure that the food you buy will contain all the nutritional and nutritional needs for your cat, from carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, protein, to fat.

Therefore, it never hurts to find information in advance about cat food products.

1. Give enough animal fat and protein

As we know that cats are carnivorous animals, where the main food comes from meat.

Therefore, it is best to provide protein and animal fat in full so that growth does not run optimally. Calories are also very important for building energy for the cat.

Adult cats need about 250 calories a day with various other needs such as vitamins, carbohydrates and so on. Of course, every age and size of a cat requires different portions.

2. Make sure your cat’s fluid needs are met

Water is a source of minerals for the body of a cat, especially most of the foods it consumes contain less fluid.

Because of this, cats tend to need more fluid. We recommend that you provide ordinary clean water for drinking cats and always replace the water that you have prepared in the container.

3. Combine canned feed with a dry one

Get to know in advance the needs of cat food types. In general, two types of feed are often used namely liquid and solid cans.

Both contain different proteins and carbohydrates. Dry food contains more calories, while canned food contains more liquid.

If your cat does not have the risk of diabetes, kidney, and the like, you should provide a combination of liquid and solid foods.

It is intended that all cat’s needs can be met and balanced. For the record below the feed that contains too much coloring is not recommended.

You can buy the feed at a drug store or pet food specialty. However, you should get to know the brand and composition of the feed before buying it.


Knowing your cat’s eating needs

It is important to know your cat’s eating needs, because every age, sufferer of the disease, size, up to several types of cats need different foods. Do not let you greet giving a type of food that causes a decrease in the health of the cat.

Here are tips to meet their food needs:

1. Feed the cat as needed

The size or weight of the cat can be a consideration in feeding. Cats that have a large body size, tend to need a lot of eating.

Even so, you should not give too much eating to avoid obesity. Conversely, if your pet cat has a thin body, small does not hurt to train to provide food with a large portion. Of course, you must still pay attention to nutritional needs to continue to grow well.

2. Obesity test or often check the cat’s weight

It doesn’t hurt if you do a weight test or obesity on the cat. It aims to measure food needs such as servings to types of food, including in terms of calories. If your cat is still young it turns out to have bodyweight above average can be affected by the risk of obesity.

3. Give food according to the age of the cat

Feeding a cat can be based on age, just as a kitten certainly needs a different type of food than an adult.

Chicks tend to need more protein and calories for growth and development. While adult cats should provide balanced nutrition so that their weight is maintained. Different again with old or senior cats that are already 8 years old and above who are susceptible to the risk of disease. Also, the energy has begun to decline so it is no longer active in playing and so on.

Because of that, you should give foods that contain lots of nutrients such as glucosamine and fatty acids.


Determine when to eat cats

Like humans, cats also have their own time to eat, play, and rest. However, the most important thing is meal time, which you must pay attention to so as not to starve or even too often.

Here are some ways to determine when to eat a cat.

1. Create a feeding schedule for the cat

It doesn’t hurt you make a cat eating schedule. It aims to make cats eat in a timely and consistent manner. That way, he will be able to do it regularly and independently. Not only that, but they will also feel comfortable and happy with such routines.

2. Provide cat food containers and drinks

Provide a bowl or something like that for the cat’s food or drink. This will make it easier for cats to eat and drink as well as to maintain food hygiene. Of course, you have to wash it frequently after use to keep it hygienic and safe for your health.

3. Avoid giving excessive snacks

Giving snacks is OK, but not to overdo it at least not to exceed 5 percent of their basic needs. Because excessive snacks can trigger obesity for the cat.


Tips for feeding cats

For the record, do not give cat food other than special cat food such as dog and human food. Because the cat’s metabolic system is different from other animals, so it can cause dangerous internal diseases. Also, your appetite or type of cat food can be affected by air temperature, especially winter. For this reason, you must be good at seeing the situation and natural conditions as well, besides the cat itself.

Based on the methods above, feeding the cat is an easy matter, especially if you already know enough about your pet cat. If you are still confused about intake and good nutrition for the cat, you can consult a veterinarian. Good luck!

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