How to Overcome a Cat with Insomnia


Then how to deal with cats who have difficulty sleeping? Here are some tips.

1. Make a regular schedule for sleep

Cats are almost similar to children who tend to be willing to comply with the schedule made.

Making a schedule for cat sleep is the first thing you can do. Cats are pet-friendly and like the attention of their owners.

If possible, get up in the morning and sleep at night at a time that is roughly similar to a cat’s sleep schedule.

This can help the cat to get used to your schedule and increase the chances that the cat can sleep and wake up according to your habitual schedule.

At a certain time turn off the lights. The darkness of the room is a sign of sleeping cats. However, the dark atmosphere does not necessarily help cats sleep, because in the dark is the time for cats to hunt.

2. Change the way to feed the cat

When it comes to feeding the cat it can also affect the cat’s sleep schedule.

Often, when a cat cannot sleep at night or morning, the cat cannot sleep because it is hungry. Try to change the time and method of feeding the cat, this can make the cat sleep quietly at night.

Try to feed the cat when it is going to sleep. Some people have the opinion that by feeding the cat as much as half a cup will make the cat can sleep until morning in full condition.

For the morning, prepare an automatic feeder that can be purchased at the convenience store. Automatic feeding equipment can remove dry food at certain times.

If your cat feels hungry in the early hours of the morning, this automatic feeder will certainly be very helpful and you won’t feel disturbed.

3. Accompany cats to play

Make time to play before your cat sleeps, accompanying the cat to play in the afternoon will make your cat feel tired before bedtime.

By playing often, your pet cat will feel tired quickly, especially if the game being played requires your cat to move quickly. Make sure the cat plays one-day several times.

4. Provide entertainment for the cat during the whole day

Pets have a life that spins when their owners come and go. It often happens that cats feel bored during the day when the owner is not at home.

This cat boredom will make your cat active at night and ask you to play and pay attention.

Therefore, you need to keep toys that can be played by cats when you are not at home.

Toys that can be provided at home are small mouse dolls that contain catnip, so the cat can play even when not accompanied by its owner.

Do not forget to provide a variety of toys, like humans, cats can also feel bored with the same toy for some time. As a cat owner, you need to pay close attention to your pet cat, do not let the cat feel bored and eventually experience insomnia.

A cat that is happy all day will have good quality sleep and time.

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