How to Overcome Cats that are always Sleeping


In the previous article, explain the reasons why cats always sleep. After reading it, then the thing you need to do is how to overcome it. Here is how to deal with cats who are always sleeping

1. Give a variety of cat food

Cats that sleep constantly are sometimes accompanied by a decrease in appetite in cats, this can be caused because the cat is bored with the usual food.

Give your cat a variety of food, this will be suitable for cats who feel bored.

2. Feed the cat

If the cat is sick, you need to try to feed the cat by feeding it so that the cat still gets enough nutrition for his body.

You can use a small spoon, hands, or needles without an injection, and food is given in the form of wet canned food.

3. Invite cats to play

Cats that sleep constantly and do not want to eat can be due to cats that rarely do activities and play.

When you keep a cat, make sure the cat is accustomed to being active by asking him to play so that the cat doesn’t get bored quickly.

Active cats have a good appetite and will sleep according to their time.

4. Give the cat vitamins

Give your cat vitamins that contain vitamin B complex and lysin that can be purchased at the pharmacy, usually, the amount given is the same as for children.

This vitamin has the use to increase the appetite of cats who are limp and do not want to eat, besides that vitamins can have properties to prevent cat flu and herpes virus.

Before giving vitamins to the cat, make sure the cat is given a little food to prevent irritation to the stomach and so that the cat does not vomit.

5. Take the cat to the vet

When raising animals, be an owner who always loves his pets. When a cat is seen having something that is not natural, such as having problems in the stomach or problems that you do not know and the cat is sleeping too long, then you should immediately go to the vet.

Don’t handle things you don’t know, be sure to go to the doctor to get the treatment you should. Some of these things make you better know what causes cats to sleep continuously and how to deal with the problem.

These old sleep habits may not be a bad sign for your cat, they may just be genetic. Therefore, make sure the cat is always happy and give varied and nutritious food.

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