How to Tame a Cat

How to Tame a Cat

How to tame a cat is usually the main problem when adopting a new cat. What’s more, if the cat is wild, how to tame a wild cat will be a little more complicated than how to tame a cat that has been tamed before it was adopted by us. Cats are one of the animals that are quite popular in the world.

Why is it quite popular?

Of course, popular, anyone would know a lot about this very funny thing. Cat lovers need to know that cats are one of the groups of animals that are friendly, funny, friendly and that is certainly easily maintained by cat lovers. Therefore it is not surprising that many people who make cats as pets. Well, you need to know usually there are rarely wild cats that are sold in pet stores.

Why rarely? Maybe it’s because of the cat’s wildness and other factors. Although the cat is a wild cat does not mean it can not be maintained or tamed.

As cat lover’s friends know, there are currently many cat communities on social media that care about domestic/wild cats. And certainly, cat lover’s friends can judge that the quality of wild cats is not inferior to some popular types of cats. Well, surely friends of cat lovers ask “how to tame wild cats?” Well, here we share interesting tips for cat lover’s friends. Look carefully!


How to tame wild cats easily

1. Get to know the cat character
Before going to technical ways to tame fierce cats, the first cat lover’s friends must first know the character of the wild cat.

It can be seen from wild cats who are restless, stressed, and want to attack, can be seen from the cat’s body which is low, bulging eyes, ears bend back and incubate (meowing) when it will be approached.

If cat lovers encounter a cat like that, don’t try to approach the cat first.

2. Wait for the cat to calm down
Wait until the cat calms down, by keeping a safe distance from the stray cat.

3. Seduce the cat
To tame an older Angora cat or an ordinary stray cat, cat lover’s friends can also use sweet words and in staring at cats cat lovers who do not look into their eyes in focus because they can be seen as opposed to the cat.

4. Treat gently
Treat cats as gentle and sweet as possible because this method is quite effective in how to tame a bobcat or other cat.

5. Give a hiding place
Cat lovers must also provide a comfortable place to trap cats. And also give the wild cat sincere affection to pamper it.

6. Don’t snap at the cat!
Now this one needs to underline cat lovers “never snapped a cat while the cat was incubating!” Why not?

Yes, of course when cat lover’s friends scold the cat, it actually makes them even more scared and the cat meows in a scared tone. Give a positive spirit so that it is easy to tame the stray cat.

7. Give him food and drink
After that give the wild cats food in the form of servings. Cat lovers need to remember not to give the stray cat food too often so that the stray cat feels the need for us.

Usually, when these stray cats need them they will approach by themselves.

8. Start holding, but be careful
Holding a Cat More often is also one of the things that are very effective for taming wild cats.

Surely the cat lovers ask “how come anyway” surely they can, the cat lovers need to know when the cat has begun to want to be touched which means we are able to hold it little by little with more familiarity like holding the cat.

But keep in mind yes the cat lovers must still be careful to do it slowly in stroking the cat’s body parts such as the head, neck, and stomach to calm it.

9. Make use of moments
Well, the last one needs cat lovers to know, basically, cats are identical with things; profitable. For that, we are therefore we as cat lovers have to get used to providing benefits to them.

As helping cats in accidents, treating cats when they are sick, giving them delicious food, chasing them playing and other good things. Because it certainly can benefit the cat and will always be remembered by the cat and over time the cat will be easier to tame and dear to cat lovers friends.

Well, the article above is a number of ways to tame wild cats, my advice if later the cat lovers can tame the stray cats, properly guarded by the cat, because basically, every living thing has the same feelings as us (humans).

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