How to treat cat fever


How to treat cat fever? You need to know in treating cats that have a fever sometimes we encounter some problems related to cat health.

For example, cats that experience heat or fever. Well, cat lovers need to know the symptoms of fever that are experienced by the cat is also commonly called pyrexia and normal body temperature in the body of the cat is approximately around 37-39 degrees Celsius.

Catlovers friends can check the condition of the cat’s body using a thermometer to make it easier to find out the body temperature of the cat. A cat’s body that is fighting a disease is the cause of a cat experiencing fever and heat.

It’s true that basically, the best solution for cats that are suffering from a fever is to go to the vet.

Sometimes we as cats keepers have some obstacles to take the cat to the doctor when the fever is somehow caused by our worldly and other activities.

The above results cause we rarely bring the cat to the doctor properly.

Well in this article I will discuss how the hell how to treat febrile or hot cats?

Causes of Cat Fever

Basically, there are two causes of binding to a cat’s body temperature. The first is pyrexia and

the second is hyperthermia.

Pyrexia in cats is caused because the body of the cat is naturally working hard to fight the disease in his body, the harder the work of the cat’s body, the warmer the body.

And of course, it will harm the body of the cat and cause some organ damage including damage to the cat’s brain. Now while Hyperthermia tends to be caused due to exposure to excessive heat.

If this is left alone it will have an impact on the health of the cat’s body especially in the brain of your beloved cat.

How to treat cat fever

1. Give enough water to the cat

Even if you only provide drinking water, it is very important to prevent dehydration in the cat when the cat is experiencing a fever.

The cat lovers can provide enough drinking water to the cat. Because this is one of the tips for dealing with cats affected by fever.

2. Cool the cat’s body

Now friends need to know this is also an alternative way of using drugs, namely by cooling the body temperature of cats affected by fever.

How to?

The trick is like this cat lovers’ friends just bring the cat to a place with cool air or by doing a fan to the cat’s body.

But if the cat’s body is still cold, friends can give ice pads to the body of the cat or cat’s claws. Now when the cat does not revolt or fuss.

Try to start washing your body with water because evaporation is also quite effective in cooling the cat’s excessive body temperature.

3. Gives Energy and Vitamin B Supplements

Before the cat lovers give the cat drugs, it is better for friends to provide energy supplement first and vitamin B to increase the cat’s cat lovers’ appetite.

Because in general cats are not appetite because the cat’s body is less healthy. In addition to increasing the cat’s appetite, energy supplements and vitamin B can also provide more nutrition. Usually not found in cat food normally.

4. Increase the cat’s appetite

Catlovers cats are hard to eat when they are sick, right? Well, there our affection as wise cat lovers must be shown to the cat.

Try to encourage the cat so that the cat can recover quickly. Learn why the cat won’t eat.

Because a lot of food intake is indeed a major source of energy in cat health.

5. Choosing a cure for cat fever which is safe

Now, in addition to using the alternative methods above, cat lovers can also provide good medicine for cold and flu, one of the medicines is tolfenamic acid.

Why medicine?

Besides being able to handle a variety of fever problems including tumors, infections, trauma and other types of cat diseases.

The medicine for hot fever cat Tolfenaminc acid can also be given to cats affected by fever with a dose of 1 tablet for a period of around 3 to 5 days and specifically for a cat body weight of approximately 1.5 kg can be given 1 tablet per day.

Now if the cat lovers have a weight reaching 4 to 5 kg. Friends can give 3 tablets a day.

6. Use Meloxicam Medication

In addition to using the drug Tolfenamic acid, this drug (meloxicam) is a drug that is effective enough to relieve cat fever tablets cat lovers! Give about 1.5 mg/ml after meals.

Now, this is something that cat lovers must remember! Pay attention to the dose! So that the cat does not overdose later.

Catlovers need to pay attention to giving meloxicam in cats about 0.5 mg/ml so as not to overdosage and one more thing that cat lovers need to remember!

If the cat lacks fluids, friends do not give meloxicam drugs.

Because it can be very fatal and have an impact on kidney failure caused by lack of fluid so that the function of the kidneys becomes weaker and also the blood supply in the cat’s kidneys decreases.

7. Rest the cat

Now, these tips are one of the most important tips for cat lovers, after knowing how to treat cat fever in various ways above.

Friends also need to rest the cat often, don’t let the cat move too often, massage the cat to help the blood circulation of the cat and accelerate the healing process.

8. Take it to the vet

Well, the last way is surely the cat lovers are very familiar with reading it. Yep, take it to the vet is the last surefire way if everything you do has no hope.

At least the cat lovers wait 24 hours to be treated alone at home without going to the vet first right?

If within 1 day does not have a positive effect on the cat, immediately bring the nearest veterinarian to the city of friends of cat lovers so that it can be treated quickly.

Well, that cat lovers friend Some tips on how to treat cat fever.

Hopefully, with this article cat lovers, friends can be even more considerate of our cute pets (cats) because basically healthy is expensive. So take good care of your cat lovers and cats friends. See you!

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