4 Important Things For You Beginners Who Are The First To Pet A Cat


Cats are one type of pet that is loved by many people. Who would not be annoyed if you see these animal children whose behavior is sometimes funny and makes you happy like that? Moreover, they mingle with them after work or after a day of activities. It must be fun and of course it can take off fatigue.

But, often people are confused when they want to keep cats, especially for those who have never even had a pet. It must be a difficulty. Though maintaining the cat is not too difficult as long as you know the tips.

1. Be sure to prepare the equipment before adopting the cat
Before you adopt a cat, the main important thing to prepare is the equipment for the cat. For example, a cage or shelter, a litter box, a place to eat and drink, and pet cargo. Remember, don’t turn it over so you have a cat first and then buy the equipment.

Also, pet cargo is optional, usually needed to bring the cat to the grooming or bathing place. But, if you can bathe it yourself, the important thing is to have just the shampoo and hair dryer.

2. If you are still a beginner, choose a cat whose fur is not too long, and certainly has a tame character

Beginners need to choose the type of cat that will be maintained, because maintaining a cat is not just a matter of a moment and must have high consequences. I will recommends that you choose a cat whose fur is not too long because it will make it easier for you to care.

Also, don’t forget to choose a cat with a docile character. Characteristics such as calm when held, do not run frightened to and fro, and do not make a roar when approached.

3. Don’t forget to prepare important medicines and foods that are suitable for your cat.
Even though the cat you choose looks healthy, don’t forget to keep giving it regular medication, better to prevent than to cure. Another thing to note is cat food.

Selection of food for cats is not too difficult, just adjust the age of your cat. Usually the food that is sold in petshop has a description suitable for any age. And most importantly, adjust it to your finances too!

4. If everything is prepared properly, frequently invite your cat to interact so it is not stressful. Cats can also be stressed

Inviting pets to interact is also one of the important things so that your cat still feels loved by its owner. You can feed him directly by hand while calling his name while stroking his head, or if possible you can also take him for a walk or let them sleep next to you.

It should also be noted that if the cat is not a comfortable animal that is constantly placed in a cage, you need to remove it so that they can freely move. Later if you get used to it, even if they are released outside the cage, they won’t go anywhere either, so you don’t need to worry that your cat will disappear.

Those were the 4 most important things you need to know before you get a cat, isn’t it difficult? If you have any suggestions too, don’t hesitate to share.

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