The Cutest Cat In The World


Cats do have many types or breeds, some of which have physical characteristics that are funny and adorable, as well as their behavior.

The funniest cat in the world is sought after and loved by various groups, not only catlovers, but also ordinary people.


Ragdoll cat

The famous cat originating from the United States is indeed arguably a cute cat with a large body wrapped in fine hair.

Some people even consider the ragdoll cat to be the largest in the world.

Ragdoll cats are known as obedient cats, relaxed, and look weak.

Even if he encounters other people or animals that he doesn’t know, he will be very relaxed in dealing with them, unlike most aggressive and active cats.

So, he will remain comfortable when carried or just caressed by someone else’s fur.

Persian cat



As the name suggests, better known Persian cats come from Persia or Iran.

There are many types including the Persian Himalayas, Exotic Persians, Medium Persians, Flat Nose Persians, and many more. All have the same characteristics, it’s just a few different physical. You just choose according to your preferences or tastes.

The reason the Persian cat is one of the funniest cats in the world is its physical characteristics, namely:

  • Having a relatively large body size.
  • The body is wrapped with long fine hairs.
  • Having a round nose and face.

So, judging from the posture and shape of his face it already looks adorable and immediately wants to have the cat from Iran.

This cat also has a characteristic that is quiet, affectionate, and not very active.

You will not worry if the cat will hurt and disturb others in your house.

That’s why he is very suitable as a pet star, including also for children who like cats.


Angora cat

Anggora cats are widely known from Turkey and are classified as the funniest cats in the world.

How not, the physical characteristics:

  • Different physical shapes such as triangular heads
  • His ears are wide and somewhat triangular
  • The tail and long legs, where there is a large fluffy fur on the tail.
  • Standard body size with a wrap of soft and soft fur.
  • With its characteristics, it looks very cute and cute, so the cat which is also known as the oldest breed is popular in many countries.

Anggora also has an active, intelligent, agile, but also obedient behavior.

Because of his activeness and intelligence he is very fond of playing and participating in his maintenance activities.

Not only that, this famously cute cat is also adaptable, friendly, and always obedient when trained in new things such as small contractions.

Manx cat

You could say Manx is included in a very funny cat. This can be seen from the unique physical characteristics, namely:

  • Has a shorter tail and some even appear to have no tail
  • Its fur is also short with a variety of colors and interesting colors such as gray to white.
  • The characteristic of this cat is that it is shy, loyal to its owner.

Although his ancestors were wild cats and hunters. Because of his loyalty, he does not often leave the house or cage if the owner is at home.

That’s what makes many catlovers want to own and maintain it.

Scottish Fold Cat Ears

Scottish folding cat ears are also commonly referred to as scottish fold cats. This cat is arguably very cute and adorable.

How not to look cute and adorable, this Scottish cat has a prominent characteristic that is the size of its small and folded ears. Of course the uniqueness is not shared by other breeds of cats. Such an ear condition is not a genetic disorder, but it is natural.

Other features of this cat, including:

  • Small body size
  • The face and eyes that resemble owls
  • Has short legs and pug nose.

So, he looks very cute with a few tiny limbs.

The nature of this cat is smart, friendly, and calm.

Because of his intelligence and friendliness he likes to play both alone and with the owner and his fellow men.

Also, it is very easy to adapt in new environments. So, you don’t need to worry that this cat will disappear when you just have it.

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